Martin Grütter · Composer
Martin Grütter · Composer
Martin Grütter

Steig durch das Tamtam

interactive online composition

Program note:

Climb through the tam-tam – and nothing will be as it was. Vases will blink at you. Snakes will flash their smiles. Concrete will melt like candy floss... and the master over all of this – that is YOU! With the twitching baton of Moses, you’ll evoke orchestra after orchestra. Click by click, the demons will rise from the depths. A world full of frenzy, in 13/16 time. Just a hint from you, and violins will hop across the sky, bassoons will blare, horns will shriek, oil drums will rejoice – and you take a deep breath... a great symphony resounds: your symphony! ——— But oh! how long will the spirits obey you? When will the forces of madness – WE! – become stronger than you? When will the elemental powers of music – WE! – crush you, you, who set us in motion, but now fails to govern us? Be warned, mortal! We’ll be coming! The browser is not big enough for us!

"Steig durch das Tamtam" is the final event and culmination point of the SCHWELBRAND VIRTUAL EDITION, which has been launched in the Covid autumn of 2020 and since has focused on the medialisation and visualisation of contemporary music through a wide variety of formats. In an exuberant, interactive web concert, the Schwelbrandorchester now draws the ultimate conclusion from four years of research work – and takes its audience into the depths of a complex hybrid world, full of sound, animation, live music, electronics, and video. With over 10,000 interaction points, no two concert experiences are the same. For as the saying goes: you don’t climb through the same tam-tam twice...